Artist Statement

"With flesh and bone, heart and soul - a single thread - I weave my cultural traditions and wisdom into the fabric of the human experience." 

In 1987 I began telling stories professionally. I do performances, workshops, and educational residencies.  I average over 200 performances a year, with many done in residency settings where I am engaged for 1 to 2 weeks. I have worked across the states of Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, California, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Colorado.

Appalachian Storyteller, Educator, Literary Artist, Performer, Workshop Presenter

Meet Octavia Sexton

Octavia Sexton is a vibrant and engaging professional story teller specializing in the oral traditions of Appalachia.  She weaves tales derived from a number of Appalachian roots, including folktales, the haunted "haint" tales, and Cherokee legends. Octavia draws upon a rich tapestry of stories passed down to her from her ancestors.
She is a teaching artist of creative writing, drama, Appalachian Culture and Early American History.  She performs a one woman show as the historical pioneer Jenny Wiley and presents anti-substance abuse assembly programs.
She is available for one day sessions to multiple week residencies.